Yanina Nikitina | Chasing the dream or diving redirection. Episode 7
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Chasing the dream or diving redirection. Episode 7

Chasing the dream or diving redirection. Episode 7 and hopefully the last one.  The previous episode ended up with me not getting a flight attendant job with Emirates. Again, I accepted it as something i had no control over and moved on. I had a plan C. So the plan C was to do a coaching training. Back in summer,  just out of curiosity I visited open days of few coaching schools and I made my choice. But according to my plan I wanted to do the coaching course after having worked for British airways or Emirates for couple of years. By some reason I was looking at those 2 years, which I planned to spend working in the air like at some extended holidays. I had this strong desire to take 2 years off thinking serious things. I just wanted to fly and visit places. Maybe I was a bit delusive. It is difficult to choose when you have 3 options, but when 2 of them fall apart, you’re left facing the last one. Decision is made. Not by me though. Something or someone bigger than me knew better what was the right path for me. I just surrendered to it. And then couple of people stepped into my life at the perfectly right moment to, again, direct me to that path. First was a colleague of mine with who I had a chat just after failing Emirates and who persuaded me to start coaching course as soon as possible. The second person was the sales representative from the coaching school who in a very soft but firm and professional way talked me into starting my course in December. I honestly don’t know which tricks he used because he wasn’t pushy at all but he enchanted me with his words. I was inclined to start the course in January thinking that I could safe some cash for a deposit (who was I kidding?), but after speaking to him few times I decided to start in December. You think that there is not big difference between December and January? Well in this case there was a huge difference. So I got the cash for the deposit (great to have friends who have some saving), my loan was approved ( as if I didn’t have enough of debts to pay), I signed the papers and I transferred the money. There was no way back.

Actually I had two weeks to change my mind but why would I do it? And exactly in one week time something happened. Not the end of the world but still an unexpected obstacle which I couldn’t foresee coming. The restaurant where I was working and which would allow me to pay my coaching course was going to be closed in 3 weeks time due to the end of the lease. This news came like drop from the clouds. Things like this happen all the time and people loose their jobs. I didn’t panic at all, I was sure I would find some other restaurant paying the same money (though later life showed that the place we worked was one of a kind). However when I was looking at these events happened within 10 days  period, I was amazed which how perfectly it was orchestrated by you know whom. The Universe who always, always has my back. If I had decided to start my course in January, I would have ended up by not taking it because the news about my job came at the end of November. Instead, not knowing yet about what was coming, I decided to start in December so I completed the payment just one week before the news came. Isn’t it crazy? There was no way I would ask for a refund though I could have done it. I guess for the past few years of my life my strong belief that everything happens for a reason and at the right moment became so solid that I had no doubts that it wasn’t sort of misfortune here. There was this feeling of financial uncertainty but how many times in my life I have been there? So I accepted “what is”. and had my first studying weekend at the coaching school. It was amazing.

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