Yanina Nikitina | Chasing the dream or divine redirection. Episode 3
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Chasing the dream or divine redirection. Episode 3

Check my 2 previous posts if you want to know what it is all about.

So yes, year 2016 came and I was asking myself more and more the same question “Is styling what I really want to do?” Somewhere in spring I went to Mind Body festival in Olympia and stumbled upon a stand of a coaching school. It happened that the lady at the stand was really really nice, we had a really good chat and she suggested to come for an open day. So I did somewhere in July. Meanwhile my styling was not moving anywhere and I came to realised that I was not enjoying styling photoshoots anymore. Not that I wasn’t enjoying at all but my passion and enthusiasm about it were clearly evaporating. I couldn’t control it. During the open day for that coaching school I almost decided to do their coaching course at some point. Yes, exactly, at some point because as usually there was certain amount of money involved in this course. I needed to get that money from somewhere I don’t know where. I also decided to do an open day for another school called Animas which my friend Dominika did couple of years ago. And I did. Everything the founder of the school was telling during that day just resonated with me; it became clear that I was going to do their course, at some point of course. But I was not sure when. One day. Around that time I also had few coaching sessions with a coach who I met at that first school. They were very helpful. I came to realise that even though I didn’t want to be a stylist anymore because simply it lost any meaning and sense for me, it was still a good way to make money for my coaching studies. My restaurant job was paying my bills but I couldn’t save any money from it at all. My coach brought me to understand that with few decent styling jobs (even if I didn’t enjoy doing them anymore) I could easily get some money for the deposit for my studies whereas to get money for a deposit from working in a restaurant would be hard and it would take much longer. So I decided to give to my styling the last chance and to push it hard. Hahaha, “to push” is probably The Universe’s the least favorite word. I started to contact different retail companies who, potentially, could need a stylist like me for their campaigns or any other promotional photos. I sent a lot of emails out there, no jokes, a lot. No answer whatsoever. Couple of companies replied that they would keep me on file. To be honest, I thought I was not doing enough, I thought I should push harder and maybe bend over backwards. Of course there was a feeling of guilt involved, we like to beat ourselves up, right? Then at the beginning of September I went back home to Russia for few weeks, then returned to London and realised that I was done with stylist for good. That was it. Clarity brings so much peace with it!!! But then all of a sudden another dream appeared out of the blue. And that one is really funny. Wait for the next episode to find out what it was.

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