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Chasing the dream or divine redirection
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Chasing the dream or divine redirection. Episode 5

So episode 5 of my never ending series “Chasing the dream or divine redirection”. Last episode finished with me heading to Heathrow to my assessment for British Airways. To cut long story short (if I am able to do so), I didn’t get it. I knew what to expect, I was prepared. I passed the first group assignment. And then during the 2nd assessment which was one-to-one role play with a trainer something went wrong. I will never know what made that nice gentleman think that I was not suitable or ready or whatever else to become one of the BA stewardesses. I believe that it was an angel who quietly whispered in his ear “This girl shall not pass. She has another road to take. So ask her another question for which she won’t have an answer”. And so he did. The trainer was playing a client and I was a customer service representative. So after we played the scenario he asked me two more questions and I didn’t know how to react and what to say. If I had completed the BA training, I would have known the right answers. But I was just applying for the job and I didn’t have those answers in my head yet. So I had to use my common sense and improvise an answer. But as life shows, we all have very different understanding of what “common sense” actually is. And in this particular case, mine and the trainer’s common senses apparently didn’t match. But he didn’t tell me about it straight away. I had to wait until everybody was done. Then we were divided in two groups. Group number 1 left and my group was invited to another room. At this point I didn’t know yet whether I was in the group of winners or losers but my gut was telling me that something was wrong here. My gut was right. Then, with faces as if somebody died (or maybe all of us died for BA for this time), one of the trainers informed us that “unfortunately this time we were unsuccessful and our assessment day was finishing right in this room.” I have to admit, those BA guys were really nice, they shared their stories and how they applied multiple number of times before finally getting there and they advised to try again in 6 months time. I found that the girl who was talking sounded a bit dramatic but at the end of the day I am sure she did her best. Nobody likes to announce bad news to other people. To be 200% honest, I felt disappointed for few minutes. As I said I felt that my group didn’t make it and when they said it out loud, it just proved my suspicions. And of course, when you think that you are perfectly suitable for the job (which I still believe I am), and someone tells you otherwise, you only reaction is “WTF?!?!”. But there was nothing I could do there. And me, as cosmic as I am and was as that time, I just surrendered. I told myself that it was not meant to be for me, that the Universe had a greater plan for me, which was even more exiting in a way, and I went home to move on towards my plan B and to remove the bloody bun from my hair. By the time I reached home, the bitter taste of not getting what I wanted completely disappeared and I was already fantasising about my life after plan B would have come to life. Wait for next post to find out more.

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