Yanina Nikitina | Chasing the dream or divine redirection. Episode 4
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Chasing the dream or divine redirection. Episode 4

“Chasing the dream or divine redirection”. Episode 4. Written and directed by The Universe, starring Yanina Nikitina and co.

Where are we? Back in September 2016. As I said previously, this is when I bid “farewell” to my dream to become a stylist. It felt really good. There was no mourning, no doubt, no “what if”, no hesitation. I didn’t care about the money which I, potentially, could have made out of styling. I was done. But then when you don’t have a professional dream anymore, it kind of becomes boring, so you need to get another dream asap. And that another dream showed up on the horizon and it was so exciting and fresh and full of adventure that I just fell in love with it instantly and actually I was wondering why I never considered this job before. (Well, actually I know why but I will tell about it later). Two of my former colleagues almost simultaneously got a job as flight attendant with British Airways. Both of them were super excited about it and both of them suggested me to apply to BA saying literally this “Yanina, you would be perfect for this job!!!You have so many years of experience in luxury retail, you have the look, you have everything to get this job!” I was agree with them and it took me few days to think about it and to realise that all I wanted was this job with British Airways. The thing is, travelling is the thing that attracts me the most in life. I did travel in my life, much more than some people, but much less than others. All I wanted and still want is to travel. I have a heart of a gipsy and a hunger for new places. I inherited it from my mom. So my logic was easy: if I can’t afford to take a year off and travel the world, I can work as a flight attendant, work in the air and enjoy my life on the ground wherever my job would bring me. Yes, I wouldn’t probably go to the most wild and remote places on Earth, but still I would fly all over Europe, I would fly to all big cities around the world, I would stay in beautiful hotels and I would still visit new places, even if for 1 night only. That was already enough, that was better than not to travel at all or to travel just a bit.  So I fell in love with this idea. Madly, deeply in love. I did on-line application and I was I invited for an assessment day at the end of October. And this was end of September. I am not exaggerating by saying that all month of October I was living with my head in the clouds. As a person with a very vivid imagination I clearly saw myself walking through Heathrow terminals dresses in navy blue uniform, with that beautiful hat elegantly sitting on the top of my head and red lipstick on my lips, rolling my equally elegant suitcase behind me and well, feeling like a magic princess who doesn’t belong to any city. Funny but I was always saying that I like the idea of not belonging to any city. As much as I love London I could easily imagine myself moving somewhere else. And if I don’t like there, I could always come back. So on top of my “visions” of future me, I became a bit obsessed with Instagram pictures of British Airways cabin crew. You type #britishairwayscabincrew and you will see the way your life will become IF you get the job. My month of October was passing by in some sort of a fog, I wasn’t here, I was already there. Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit but it felt like this. Then the day of assessment came. I was ready. I knew what to expect, in my head I was sure I was going to make it. I got ready, constructed this wonderful bun at the back of my head, sprayed half of the bottle of hair spray on my hair so they look immaculate, applied red lipstick on my lips, put on my heeled ankle boots, looked at the mirror, too a selfie and sent the picture to my friend Nadia saying “F..k, I look like a proper secretary…!!!” Saying this I didn’t mean to be disrespectful towards secretaries, it is just that when you think about this job, you straight away imagine a girl in a suit. And that girl in the mirror (look up) dressed in that black suit was not me. At all. I felt like a fraud. I was thinking whether those guys from British Airways were going to recognise my real face behind that suit and sleek hair, red lips and Mona Lisa smile. So I will tell you in the next post if they did.

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