Yanina Nikitina | Chasing the dream or divine redirection. Episode 2
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Chasing the dream or divine redirection. Episode 2

If you want to know what happened in episode 1, read my previous post. So back to my dreams. After I clearly realized that I didn’t want to become a celebrity stylist, I still kept another part of my dream – to shoot ad campaigns for big high street brands. And then one day my fellow creatives and I were shooting a fashion editorial for one magazine. For those who don’t know what editorial means: it is a story told in pictures. You open any fashion magazine and there will be a story told through the pictures with the purpose of advertising different brands. Sometimes, when shot by really good photographer and starring really good models who can act, those stories are amazing and they can carry you away and make you dream. So there were 2 characters in our editorial, a girl and a guy, and obviously some romantic stuff was happening between them. The photos came out really beautiful. I was looking at the final selection for the magazine and a thought crossed my mind “If I was a teenage girl and I was looking at those photos, I would badly want to be that girl on the photos, I would want to have such a handsome boyfriend and I would want to have those apparently full of passion relationship”. But, being that teenage girl, I would probably tell myself that I will never have such a love story because I am not as pretty as the model, my legs are not as long as hers and that guy is way too gorgeous to pay attention on the girl like me. I am not saying that every teenage girl would feel this way about herself but as we all know that teens is such a dangerous age when self-esteem really fluctuates and we don’t really know who we are. But what that teenage girl wouldn’t know is what happened behind the scenes. Nothing happened really but while doing hair and make-up the male model started to speak about his girlfriend and how she was playing games with him and how he didn’t know where he was standing and what their relationship meant for her. And this handsome guy, who, looking at his photo, you would think to be able to have any girl in the world, sounded so hurt and vulnerable and lost in that situation. And it was such a big contrast between what that guy was in real life and the personage his was playing on those photos. But that teenage girl, she would never know the truth. And by some reason when that guy opened up in front of us, it really struck me. So times passed and I started to realise more and more that I didn’t want to contribute to creation of the idealised life on the photos. And fashion advertising campaigns are always some sort of idealised life. This is what they are supposed to be. Look at any high street brand ad campaign for the summer – beautiful and toned and slender girls and boys running and playing and hugging and kissing on the beach, with their wavy hair and sun-kissed skin (hours or hair and make-up behind) and it all good but there is no place there for a girl who is not size-6-8 and whose face is not as pretty and whose legs are not as long. There is no place there for a guy who is not tall enough and doesn’t have six pack abs. Those boy and girls are excluded from that wonderful life. Saying this, I know that it is the reality of a fashion industry which has its own standards for the human beings (models) who represent their brands. And as an adult, I am ok with it. I don’t take those ad posters seriously. They are just beautiful photos for me. But many young people can think that they will never ever run and have fun on the beach only because they don’t look like models. And I am saying it because I have been there myself. And I want to shout out loud and tell to all those kids who think like this about themselves that this is not true and that they can run and kiss on the beach regardless of their size, height and shape of their nose. And the only thing that they need to do is to believe that they deserve to have a wonderful life and friends and loving partner and fun without needing to change anything in them, whether internally or externally.


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