Yanina Nikitina | Chasing the dream of divine redirection. Episode 1
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Chasing the dream of divine redirection. Episode 1

Two years ago one of the @yoga_girl posts drew my attention to the point that I took a screen shot of it. I had no ideas (yet) what was there for me but it just resonated. The post was saying “Sometimes on your way to a dream you get lost and find a better one”. 1,5 years later I realized that that post was probably a message and that’s why I saved it because in my heart I knew that it will make sense one day. 10 years ago I dreamt to become a celebrity stylist. (Check the photo above, this is such a “a stylist in her kingdom” photo and every stylist has one like this). 2 things in particular attracted me in this job: a possibility to use my creativity for finding a perfect outfit for a person and the money which come with this job. And this job pays a lot. I knew that for this job I would have to move either to New York or to LA but it didn’t scare me. I was sure that one day I would make it. But meanwhile I started my styling career in London and was walking this path probably every stylist did: assisting to other more experienced stylists (mostly for free), styling editorial photoshoots for some small magazines (for free, of course), testing, travelling all over London and beyond with my suitcase (sometimes two) in order to meet designers and borrow theirs garments for photo shoots, working for e-commerce (one of the most boring jobs I have ever done). On top of doing all this, I had a job in a restaurant to pay my bills. Funny how just by putting this on the paper I realized how intense my life has been for the past 4 years. It was intense in terms of always doing something, meeting someone, going somewhere but I liked it. And I met so many great people on my way to become a big(huge) stylist and some of them even became friends. Somewhere along the line I also realized that I wanted to shoot advertising campaigns for high street brands such as H&M (my favorite one) and the like. For this I also had to be a stylist with a name. I was going to get there. So I was doing and doing my stuff, I was very patient and believed that things would happen at the right moment. And the right moment came. Not one, but even few of those. All of them at the perfect time.

 First of all, I realized that I didn’t want to be a celebrity stylist at all. All of a sudden the ideas of hysterically chasing a dress for a celebrity for a premier or an award ceremony just started to make no sense to me. The question “How do I contribute to the world by dressing people for the red carpet” started to pop up in my head more and more often. To do this thing felt way too shallow for my existence. So I completely renounced of becoming a celebrity stylist. I was done with this dream.


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